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Gazette Number 202 February 2021

Child Of My Child Child of my child, in whose dark eyes the generations meet and merge, and separate again, and other lives and other loves have transient reflection. Yet, here’s an individual so unique, so different, so challenging, so strange: belief’s suspended. Mathematician’s chance or gambler’s throw, or chaos unpredictable, combined to make this babe. A character unformed. But let her be herself alone, not judged by antecedent mark, or on potential beauty, charm, or wit, or skill as lover, mother, wife. With trust, and chance, she’ll make the best of it. Child of my child, I welcome this new life. Mary Kille Night And Day The sunlight slowly starts to drift in Rising over the night like its polar twin Warming the earth with its dazzling white rays This giant overseer of our many days As the light takes over the night There is no unrest, no show of might For they have long found balance so both can stay We could perhaps think of them today As we se

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