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gazette No 203 March 2021

Tasmanian Europa Poets Gazette No 203 March 2021  What's At The Bottom Of The Garden   I now journey, where once when young I journeyed  Out into a late sun-soaked afternoon  Past springing shoots, which like youth  Are straining hard for light and truth   On, past an aged leaning garden shed  Now so worn, with worm and rot  Broken pots like broken dreams  Some I have used and some just not   At last, as the lowering day falls calm  My forking path leans to the right  Beside that lonely bramble patch,  A flurrying gust leads on into the night   Beyond that sharp stench of compost heap  Where wasps grow fat on last year's crop  There lies in wait, a new-mown plot   I have often asked It waits for what?  Jeremy Cleverley  Poets And Painters’ Exhibition   Judy Brumby-Lake and Joe Lake   Artscape, Wynyard.        Opening Sunday, March 7, 2 pm, then 2 weeks March 9-March 13, March 16-March 20, 10am-2pm.   Artscape, 45 Jackson Street, Wynyard Curator: Mary Kille 64 421923 Ju

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